IMAGINE your kitchen diner is a stage. All the props and the actors are set for their performance. So what is the one thing that you need to do to make the production complete? What must the stage manager do in order to achieve the perfect setting of the scene?

Why, the lighting of course!

Just like on a stage, this can be dramatically, but economically, achieved with things such as LED inbouw spots and built-in LED spots especially designed for the kitchen.

And with homeowners increasingly dispensing with pesky things such as dividing walls in their residences, the use of lighting and colour in order to establish separate spheres is more important than ever.


Possibly, before you established your all in one kitchen diner or kitchen living space, you only had one light in your kitchen.

More than likely, they were not specialist inbouwspots – LED voor keuken and in fact were probably either a strip light or maybe a single bulb.

You may not even have got around to putting a lampshade on it!

This might have been possible because it was much smaller than your room is now. Also, you had walls to set the boundaries clearly between one room and the next.

However, if you are to embrace the concept of open plan living fully and properly in your kitchen, it must begin with a full rethink about the lighting situation.

In actual fact, we still think that even the smallest kitchen area deserves some luxury lighting.


And the good news is that luxury does not have to come with a large price tag.

LED lights such as inbouw led spotjes (built-in LED spots) and other types of inbouw spots do not have to cost as much as you may have thought.

All types of LED insertion spot lighting have come down drastically in price, especially over the last few years. This has put quality LED lighting, such as stylish and sophisticated badkamer spotjes (bathroom spots) firmly within the grasp of the average householder.

Naturally, there are plenty of sister bulbs to the bathroom LED spots which you can wow your bathroom with, available for the kitchen.


When zoning your kitchen dining or kitchen living area, the first thing you need to sort out is the practical.

This simply means being able to see what you are doing clearly and easily and without any dazzle or dark corners.

Once again, we think that all types of LED down lights are perfect for task lighting and can be fitted to the tops of work surfaces and cupboards, in order to focus down on activities such as chopping, cutting and peeling.

Spotlights might also go above areas such as the sink, the cooker and may also be positioned in areas where dark shadows accumulate.


Once you have sorted the most basic task lighting that you need to achieve adequate food preparation, you can then move onto making the place look nice.

Of course, the task lighting will also be ambient and pleasant to look at, but some top notch accent lighting will seal the deal.

This can also be achieved by the use of up and down lights in areas such as alcoves, picture frames and cupboard shelves.


Lastly, a word about the overall lighting affect in your kitchen living area.

It needs to bring the effect of sunlight during the daytime hours, but also a cosy calm in the evening.

The best way to achieve this is with several different lighting layers and the addition of a dimmer switch – which now work brilliantly well with LED spotlighting.

And can help set the scene in your kitchen living area to perfection!

Perhaps this is a general question in life. Do competitions (specifically talent competitions) actually mean anything?

If we think about the myriad of reality television talent shows out there and the stars they throw up, we must always think about what happens to these people afterwards.

Whether it be Pop Idols of yesterday or X factor contestants who became Z list celebs, very often winning a competition does not springboard the lucky winner into a successful career.

One glance at the Eurovision entrants should show us that merely winning a competition does not only mean no talent, but no career afterwards (sometimes, winning Eurovision can effectively end a career).

But hey, we are not out to try and depress anyone or put them off from entering!

It is just pointing out that good luck often has some bearing on the results.

However, with the rules of the Wix SEO hero challenge being what they are, we think that winning this contest is going to be tough and so a little good luck dust may be necessary in order to win.

But becoming the search engine optimization winner will take more than just luck, we think.

Here are some of the reasons why this SEO hero challenge is a pretty fair judge of ability at the business of SEO.


Four months is a long time. For anyone not sure what we mean by this, four months is the length of the Wix SEO competition is running for.

If you think about it, when you undertake an SEO hero challenge for a client in real life, you are expecting it to last a long time. Or, at least, we think that as true professionals you ought to be.

A true SEO hero lie is one who carries on maintaining a website’s SEO for the duration. This should be reflected in the rates and terms that you are offering to your clients.

At the very least, you should be looking at several months to a year.

So, when you think about it like that, four months is nothing really!

All the same, it is long enough to give an idea of who is able to keep going continuously throughout a long task, we feel!


During this contest, you don’t only have to keep some anonymous Google bot happy. You have to satisfy the judges as well.

This will mean creating original content and keeping it fresh. It also means, no cheating.

Presumably, the judge will be on the lookout for all the black hat tricks there are out there, so you can’t even dream of using them. Not that you would have done anyway, of course!


If you are able to beat Wix at their own game – a big player, with obvious advantages over their participants – we reckon this means you have done something right and it is more than just a fluke or

good luck on the day.

It proves that you can deliver the results and to a strict deadline too. And to us, that makes a true SEO hero in Cardiff!